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Coping Spiritually

Monday, June 19, 2017

It would be a pointless exercise to compare and to rank life-altering diagnoses, but a diagnosis of dementia can be cruelest of all in how it affects the present, the future… and even the past. When a father progressively fails to recognize his adult daughter, for instance, the daughter herself may feel that whole albums of her own memories are being tossed onto a dust heap, raising painful questions about mind, spirit, identity and consciousness.

At such times, leaning on one’s faith can be a powerful resource. Time, as measured by calendars and clocks, accentuates the pain associated with neurocognitive disorders. God’s time is different. In God’s time, the whole story matters, and the whole path remains brightly lit from a beginning that remains crisp and vivid forever, to a destination that is bathed in Glory.

In more practical terms, it has been my experience that faith is among the most effective tools for individuals living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias and for their care-partners as they learn to cope through the course of the disease. I have long been searching for a way to put this into practice, and I am honored to offer a brand-new workshop titled Inner Light, Inner Strength, a Journey to Coping Spiritually.

In this barrier-breaking, 6-session course starting on August 1, we will dive into scripture and invite healing as we learn the value of coping through Bible journaling. Bible journaling encourages one to immerse oneself in scripture while using art to illustrate the scripture. (The journals will be provided free of charge thanks to generous donations to the Memory Care Education Fund.) I am humbled yet thrilled at the prospect of starting this new series, and I encourage individuals in the early stages of the disease as well as caregivers to consider participating.

Jennifer Holcomb – Director of Memory Support

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