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About Us

Well-established senior living communities such as Cross Keys Village have individual personalities… just like cities. Think of Boston, Denver and Seattle. All three offer basically the same features: streets, shops, services and businesses for 630,000 people. However, no one would argue that those three cities are identical.

The same goes for Continuing Care Retirement Communities. All will offer you the same basic panoply of services: Residential Living, a Personal Care (called Assisted Living in most states), a Nursing Care Center (short-term for rehab, or long-term), and preferably some memory support programs. Most will offer some promises of care to their residents whose physical or financial situation takes a turn for the worse.

As you can read in our services section, Cross Keys Village actually offers more extensive services and more comprehensive options than most. In this section, we will tell you more about the unique personality of Cross Keys Village. This personality is based not only on bricks-and-mortar features, but also on people and on a long tradition.

Cross Keys Village is one of the largest stand-alone non-profit CCRCs in the country. When a decision needs to be made quickly, we do not waste time consulting some corporate office in another state; we do not need to worry about some unexpected difficulty at a sister community. Our focus is one single campus and our beloved residents.

Our setting is tranquil and safe… even rural (we are literally bordered by corn fields). However, providence has located us at the center of an active and prosperous area. We are just a stone’s throw north of Hanover, and only a short drive away from Gettysburg and York. Harrisburg and Westminster, MD, are also within quick reach, and a daytrip to Baltimore is a favorite for residents and for team members. Shopping options are plentiful within a few miles, and first-class medical facilities are present in sufficient number to give you all the options you wish nearby.

Our campus is vast enough to supply every resident with breathing space and privacy. Our cottages feel and look like regular ranch houses on carefully landscaped streets. The Bridgewater neighborhood could be mistaken for a well-appointed development in a quiet suburb. Our apartment complex, Harmony Ridge, is designed to offer a self-contained lifestyle for Villagers with mobility concerns or who prefer not to drive: from the spa to the bank, or from the salon to the café, Harmony Ridge is a whole universe under one roof.

Our people are perhaps what makes us different most of all: We don’t always dress for dinner… but we volunteer to assist and serve each other in larger number than in any other community. This small but significant difference tells you a lot about us.

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