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Health Care Admissions: (717) 624-5250
Toll Free: (888) 624-8242

Our Team

Meet a few of the 700 team members – give or take – who share the goal to provide the optimal quality of care, quality of service, and quality of life to those they serve. The combined senior living experience of this small but representative group exceeds 450 years!

Jeffrey M. Evans


My calling is to achieve organizational excellence so the mission is fulfilled and lives are impacted for good.

Joy Bodnar

Chief Operating Officer

My calling is to make an eternal difference.

Scott Sowers

Vice President of Finance

My calling is to continually monitor our internal controls while remaining fiscally strong and providing a high level of care for our community.

Kelley Mitchell

Vice President of Human Resources

My calling is to create a safe working environment that promotes respect and caring attitudes, allows development and personal growth and encourages open communication, while having fun along the way.

Vanessa Berger

Vice President of Advancement

My calling is to help secure quality care for those who may not be able to afford it.

Oliver Hazan

Vice President of Sales and Marketing

My calling is to address the senior consumer as an individual - not a stereotypical group - with honesty and respect.

George Turner

Residential Living Administrator

My calling is to support seniors in having a successful retirement journey.

Chucki Long-Emerson

Personal Care Administrator

My calling is to be a light during difficult times and to spread God’s love to those I serve.

Ann Starr-Loe

Health Care Administrator

My calling is to create an environment where exceptional care is consistently provided by a talented and fully engaged team.

Jay Rohrbach

Operational Services Administrator

My calling is to provide a safe, well maintained, beautiful and inviting community for all who visit, work and live at Cross Keys Village.

Jennifer Holcomb

Director of Memory Support

My calling is to follow God's command to serve and love one another through acts of service.

Linda Titzell

Director of Pastoral Care

My calling is to be a part of people's lives, to preach the Word, to teach the Bible, and to be a good listener and spiritual leader.

Mindy Becker

Communication / Gift Officer

My calling is sharing news about our organization and developing opportunities for giving.

Cheryl Ditzler

Campus Supervisor / Catering

My calling is to facilitate moments of fellowship and celebration for families, teams, and groups - large and small.

Kathy Staub

Resident Support Coordinator

My calling is to be a presence and a resource for individuals and families in need of assistance with the expected and unexpected challenges of the day.

Mary Van Buren

Director of Community Life

My calling is to provide our residents with a life without limitations.

Ed Sharrah

Director of Safety and Transportation

My calling is to do for others what others can no longer do for themselves.

Cindy Boyer

Volunteer Services Manager

My calling is to lead volunteers to serve our organization with a dedicated heart.

Holly Shearer

Director of Wellness

My calling is to inspire our aging population that there are no limitations to physical, mental and spiritual wellness.

Bill Porter

Maintenance Supervisor

My calling is to please others and lend a helping hand to those in need.

Shannon Bentley

Human Resources Organizational Partner

My calling is to find the best candidates for our open positions.

Marketing and Admissions Team

Amy Beste

Senior Retirement Counselor (Residential Living)

My calling is to help seniors understand that their retirement can be productive, active and meaningful.

Nancy Daniel

Retirement Counselor (Residential Living)

My calling is to prove that nothing should stop you from enjoying the activities you love and learning new ones.

April Collins

Personal Care Marketing Specialist

My calling is to be a trusted, reassuring ally through transition and changes in life.

Tammy Kehr

Admissions Counselor (Health Care Center)

My calling is counseling and assisting individuals through life-changing events.

Kelly Rice

Admissions Counselor (Health Care Center)

My calling is to utilize my social work skills to assist residents, guests, and family members through a difficult time.

Board of Directors

  • James W. Balthaser  –  Chair
  • Jennifer W. Bowes
  • Bonnie G. Ferrence
  • Melvin L. Fleming
  • Mark R. Henry – Secretary
  • Brett A. Hoffacker  –  Treasurer
  • Dianne S. Hollinger
  • Donna Lerew
  • Holly K. Miller
  • John D. Miller, Jr.  –  Assistant Secretary / Treasurer
  • Traci Rabenstein –  Vice-chair
  • James R. Replogle
  • Michael A. Ricciuto
  • M. Ann Rinker
  • Paul E. Schildt
  • Jeffrey M. Evans

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