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Continuing Care FAQ

If you’ve made it this far, you are starting to get an idea of what a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC) like Cross Keys Village has to offer. At the same time, questions are sure to start popping up. Our Retirement Counselors and Admissions Counselors have answers for you, but let’s review a few questions we hear every day…

Is continuing care the same path for everybody who moves to Cross Keys Village?

This is a great opening question and the answer is a resounding no! Some residents will progress through Residential Living, Personal Care, and the Health Care Center, but the majority will not. Many cottage and apartment residents will spend the rest of their natural lives “aging in place.” Others will need the services available at the Health Care Center, but only for a few weeks after a hospital stay and before returning to their cottage or apartment. Some will even use Personal Care as a step-up, following an illness, before they are well enough to go home. Continuing care is different for everyone, and it is not a “One Way” sign to physical and cognitive decline, far from it.

Shouldn’t I wait until “something happens” before I make such a move?

This is a tough question, and we will answer it with a different tough question. Please ask yourself: “How did my health, my energy and my attitude progress during the last 3 to 5 years? How do I expect to progress during the next 3 to 5 years?” While you remain at home, you take physical risks (ice, stairs, old-fashioned bathtub…) and you may suffer from loneliness, lack of exercise, poor nutrition, not to mention the dark cloud of future downsizing always overhead. Even with all the help from Cross Keys Village, moving is not a walk in the park. It most assuredly will not get any easier if you wait. If anything, deciding to move now makes it less likely that “something” will happen later on.

What assistance can Cross Keys Village provide as we plan this move?

Where shall we start? Basically, we help you think of the move as a sequence of small and manageable pieces (instead of a single insurmountable obstacle), and then we customize the process to your unique situation. Are you coming to us from far away or from next door? Do you need help coordinating with a real estate professional? Have you heard of “staging” a property? Should you use a regular mover or a Senior Move Manager? Are you in a rush (we can sprint along with you), or do you need to stretch out the process (we can drag our feet to match your pace)? Do you need to move in before you get the final payout for the sale of your house? Will you be arriving here three days before your bed and your furniture? We’ve seen it all before, and we will have countless helpful suggestions. We have helped hundreds of individuals: If they could do it, you can do it too.

How do the fees work?

In a few words, Residential Living entails a one-time entrance fee, and a monthly service fee. The entrance fee gives you the exclusive right to a cottage or an apartment while you occupy it, and ensures your priority access to Personal Care and the Health Care Center if ever needed. The monthly service fee covers maintenance, repairs, landscaping, snow removal, TV cable, access to wellness activities, real estate taxes, and much, much more. (We also have a limited number of straight rental options.) Personal Care and long-term nursing care do not entail an entrance fee.

What sort of Residential Living contract do you offer?

Great question. Cross Keys Village is a fee-for-service CCRC (also known as Type-C Contract community). Cottage and apartment residents – we call them Villagers – pay for the higher levels of care only if they are needed. This allows us to keep the monthly service fee more affordable for Villagers.

What are the entrance fee options?

We have four options. Most Villagers opt for the more affordable fully amortizable entrance fee, but we also offer plans that guarantee you a 25%, or 50%, or 75% refund on your entrance fee when you vacate your cottage or apartment. This subject is truly better covered face to face, when you meet your Retirement Counselor.

But how can I tell if we can afford it?

All it takes is a phone call. When you share with us a rough estimate of the value of your house, and a ballpark amount for your savings and your income, we will be able to tell you which of our many models would be viable options for you today.

For profit, nonprofit, what does that mean?

Thank you for asking. First of all, it does not mean money-making as opposed to money-losing. A thriving museum is healthier than an ailing department store, although the museum is a nonprofit and the store is a for profit. A for profit business exists to make a profit for its owners or shareholders. A nonprofit organization aims for a positive bottom line, but it has no owners or shareholders. Any “profit” on a nonprofit organization’s bottom line gets reinvested in the organization for the furtherment of its mission. In the field of senior living services, nonprofit organizations commonly function at higher staffing levels in their health care components and they experience lesser staff turnover. In order to qualify for their tax-exempt status, they provide significant levels of uncompensated (charity) care.

Do you have to go on a wait list?

We have to say: “It never hurts!” Most floor plans are on a wait list basis for months, if not years. Others (usually smaller residences without a garage) could be available without a waiting period. We strongly recommend that you talk with us before you start planning, in order that we may help you find the perfect match… at the perfect time.

Wait List FAQ


Can we make some changes to the apartment or cottage?

Of course. Especially if you are on the waiting list and we call you when the model that suits your budget and your wishes becomes available (before it is renovated). This allows us to customize some of the colors and the finishes to your preference. After you move in, you can decorate as you wish.

Can we have a pet in our apartment or our cottage?

Absolutely. Well behaved cats and dogs are welcome in Residential Living. Pets can also visit Personal Care.

Do residents have a say in how Cross Keys Village is run?

Definitely. Our resident-run Village Council is the entity which makes it possible for everyone’s voice to be heard. The Council is divided between several committees that take numerous independent decisions every month. A large percentage of our Villagers also volunteer on a regular basis, which gives them an additional way to influence our community life positively.

Will we feel at home if we are not members of the Church of the Brethren?

Most likely yes. The majority of our Villagers do not belong to the Church of the Brethren. Our Pastoral Care program is ecumenical, and we do not proselytize… nor do we discriminate. This being said, our Villagers are from a generation that got up early, worked hard, and led lives steeped in family values. Politically, however, we have Villagers from all persuasions… which helps keep a healthy dialogue alive. If you agree with us that a hazy Pennsylvania sunrise over the mountains at the dawn of a full and meaningful day is more significant than the latest TV gossip or the shiniest earthly possessions, you have a lot in common with us already. Come spend an afternoon with us and find out more.

On the next page, you will find information especially designed for adult children who are helping their parents with a senior living decision.

Adult Children FAQ

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