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Wait List FAQ

Cross Keys Village is a large, active retirement community, with over 500 residences (and 50 or so floor plans). Most of the time we are almost fully occupied, and therefore we need a system that is clear and fair for the retirees who are planning to join our Residential Living program. This system is based on a wait list.

How much does it cost to join the wait list?

Joining the wait list means filling out a short application form and writing a $1,000 check. This small deposit will become part of your Entrance Fee when you move to Cross Keys Village (it is not an Application Fee).

What if we change our minds?

The wait list deposit is fully refundable upon written request (an email request is fine too).

What is our spot on the list?

Your place on the list depends on the date we received your application and your check.

How long do we stay on the list?

This can vary widely, and it is partly up to you. You may join the list and tell us “Don’t call us for three years.” Or you may tell us “We want to move in very soon.” It will also depend on the availability of the floor plan(s) you select.

What happens when you call us?

When you are in position to receive an offer from us for a floor plan you have selected, we will call you the next time one becomes available. We will invite you to come see the residence and discuss timeline options, and we will give you a week to think it over.

What if we pass on this particular residence?

We will call the next person on the list… but your position remains at the top. We will call you again when the next one opens up… unless you ask us not to.

The wait list is all about finding you the right apartment, cottage or Bridgewater home at the right time for you. Our Retirement Counselors do not receive commissions. Their role is to clarify the process and to help you with your decision. During an appointment with one of them, you will be able to get clear answers to all your questions, and decide whether to join the wait list.

Connect With Us

Do you have a question or comment? We’d love to hear from you. Fill out the short form and we’ll have a staff member follow up with you, or you may call us at (888) 624-8242.