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Volunteering – Friends of CKV

Volunteers: the Lifeblood of Cross Keys Village

Our volunteer program is second to none. Not only do our residents and the inhabitants of the surrounding townships volunteer in impressive numbers, but you can honestly say that volunteering is as much a part of Cross Keys Village as the soil we are built upon and the sweet Pennsylvania air.

In 2012, more than one thousand volunteers contributed nearly 87,000 hours of service and impacted virtually every area of operations at Cross Keys Village. While the numbers weren’t nearly so large 105 years ago, the tradition of volunteering does date back to the organization’s founding as the Church of the Brethren Home at Huntsdale, near Carlisle, in 1908. Members of the nearby Huntsdale Church of the Brethren were the key volunteers then, and their service included helping prepare meals and provide direct assistance to residents. Regulation and changing times have altered and expanded the nature of the volunteer work. Local churches continue to be well represented, but volunteers come from many other backgrounds as well, including villagers living in campus homes. Summer programs create special opportunities for teenagers.

Volunteers tell us that they receive as much as they give: They make new friends as they use their talents, skills, and creativity to help others. They set their own schedule and receive a complimentary lunch or dinner. Volunteering at Cross Keys Village is also a great way to complete a resumé if you are considering a career in not-for-profit agencies.

To get started volunteering with us, please contact Volunteer Services by calling (717) 624-5227. We will schedule an interview and give you a general orientation and tour of our community. Then you can choose an area in which to serve.


Friends of Cross Keys Village

The year was 1953. A year earlier the Brethren Home at Cross Keys was dedicated following its move from Huntsdale in Cumberland County after a disastrous fire in 1951. An former hotel had been reconstructed to house this ministry of serving the elderly.

Money was tight in those early years and Home leaders saw there was an available group of church women with needed talents to help with operations. The Women’s Auxiliary was created to provide activities and services for the residents. These included conducting religious services, canning goods for the kitchen and rolling bandages for the nursing department. A library was started in 1958, followed by a gift shop and a second-hand shop.

As the resident population grew and included more people with complex medical conditions, the Auxiliary’s fundraising expanded to support the long-held commitment to charity care for those who had outlived their financial resources. Our legendary Chicken Barbecue was first held in 1961 and has been a successful fundraiser ever since, helping to provide benevolent care through the Good Samaritan Fund.

Today, the erstwhile Auxiliary is known as the Friends of Cross Keys Village, but the mission of providing helping hands to our residents remains unchanged. Membership in the Friends includes many villagers, as well as numerous donors and volunteers from neighboring congregations. While the Chicken Barbecue is the highlight of the year, other well-attended events are scheduled throughout the year. The Bee Hive Gift Shop and the Almost New Shop also bring in “profits” which are put to good use. Please contact the Friends for any information about participating in their fundraising activities.
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