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Residential Living

When Your Castle Starts Turning into a Prison, it is Time to Investigate Residential Living.

The need to downsize often becomes clear after one’s children are grown and gone. At first, it is only a hint: “Aren’t we wasting time and resources, cleaning and heating those rooms we barely use?” Many, however, prefer to ignore this hint, and they stay put in the house that holds all those memories…even though it is not adapted to their current and future needs.

Later on, after some years in retirement, they may begin to change the way they feel about their home. The realities of taking care of the lawn, handling regular maintenance issues, and facing unexpected bills become a heavier burden. At Cross Keys Village, our residential living program eliminates such worries for older adults who want to live a full and meaningful life (rather than worry about yardwork, roof repairs and waiting for the appliance technician).

Picture Yourself in a Beautiful, Vibrant Community

Our residential living residents (we call them Villagers) enjoy a purposeful but maintenance-free lifestyle in a wide selection of comfortable cottages, attractive apartments and larger homes. Behind every door at Cross Keys Village there is a slightly different story, but we will share with you the most common reasons why our Villagers chose to move to a senior living community.

  • They wanted to stop worrying about maintenance, upkeep and repairs.
  • Their house was too large for their needs, with several rooms barely ever used.
  • They were concerned about navigating flights of stairs in the future.
  • The old neighborhood was getting less safe, noisier, and the familiar faces were gone.
  • They were bored at home, yet going out was becoming a costly hassle.
  • They wanted to travel frequently without worrying about their residence.
  • They wanted to be prepared if their physical needs were to change in the future.
  • They may have experienced a health-related “wakeup call.”
  • They had trusted friends who raved about their decision to join a senior living community after moving in.
  • They wanted to make their own decisions – as opposed to leaving the choice and the responsibility up to their children after an emergency of some kind (especially if they had, themselves, guided their own parents through a rushed decision, taken after waiting too long).

Once their decision to move was made, many of them shopped around quite a bit. Below are some of the reasons why they chose Cross Keys Village over the other residential living programs and other senior living communities they had visited:

  • Our large and beautiful campus offers plenty of breathing space and privacy when you want it.
  • They found a certain floor plan (out of many) that matched their requirements and their budget.
  • They compared our services and our programs and they found out that we offer more flexible options at competitive rates.
  • They connected with existing residents and with team members during their research of the community, and were impressed with our customer service and our values.
  • They felt comfortable entrusting their future to a ministry with a tradition of financial stability and exceptional care spanning for more than a century.
  • On that very first visit, they had an immediate feeling: “This is it, we’re home.”

See for yourself why Cross Keys Village has become a prime destination for people seeking the very best in residential living – as part of a solid continuum of care – close to Gettysburg, Hanover, York and other South Central PA and Northern MD destinations. Look no further: a truly worry-free lifestyle can be found here.

When you join Residential Living at Cross Keys Village, you have a comprehensive array of services at your disposal: Wellness and Lifelong Learning keep you physically fit and culturally stimulated. Cross Keys @ Home includes Residential Health if the need ever develops for nursing care and medicine management at home, and housekeeping on a regular or as-needed basis. We feature a variety of dining options which we have kept flexible to suit your preference. Transportation is a priceless feature for those who do not drive. Rehabilitative Therapies can be completed on-campus as an outpatient or at home. Wellbrook Adult Day Services is a great resource for devoted caregivers with a demanding schedule. Security and 24-hour emergency response add to your peace of mind. Pastoral Care is a vital thread in the fabric of our community. Finally, volunteer opportunities abound to ensure that your life retains its purpose and your days their significance.

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