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Catered Care and Rehab

At Cross Keys Village, we have long been pioneers in transforming the nursing care environment from the institutional model to the warmer and more residential or home-like model. But there are occasions during which a home-like environment isn’t quite right either.

Take a short-term rehab period following a hospital stay, for example. We understand that our short-term rehab guests mainly wish to get better… and to get back home. During the few weeks they are here, they may prefer not to meet everyone and get involved in group recreation after their therapy appointments. That is why we have reserved a separate neighborhood, New Hope, and we fully renovated it in 2017 with our guests’ preferences in mind. New Hope doesn’t feel like a hospital, but it isn’t anyone’s permanent home either. Instead, we have designed it on the hospitality model.

Alongside the benefits of our expert nursing care and our peerless therapies, New Hope guests enjoy many of the amenities they would expect in a fine hotel: a well-appointed private room, a quiet environment, unobtrusive but attentive service, individualized options to fill out their downtime and customized dining options. We understand that a quiet night’s sleep and an enjoyable environment contribute to healing. We call it Catered Care, and that’s what New Hope at Cross Keys Village is all about.

Recovering Strength, Regaining Function

Our talented Therapy Department has the potential to touch and improve the lives of all the residents and Villagers at Cross Keys Village.

Short-term guests in the New Hope neighborhood of the Health Care Center are a prime focus of our therapy team. Such residents usually come to us following a hospital stay. Our goal is to get them back on their feet (often literally) and send them back home.

Long-term residents from other neighborhoods in the Health Care Center also participate in therapy, as prescribed by their physician. These treatments help with a multitude of conditions and frequently result in improved function and a greater quality of life.

Personal Care residents can benefit from the services of our Therapy Department as outpatients without having to ‘travel’ to the other side of the building. When in-patient therapies are needed following a hospital stay, the discharge from the hospital and the eventual return to Personal Care are coordinated for the resident’s comfort and the family’s convenience.

Residential Living Villagers can also receive their therapies in several different venues depending on their needs: as an in-patient in New Hope following a hospital stay, or as an outpatient which can take place at the main therapy suite in the Health Care Center, or in the satellite therapy room located in the Harmony Ridge apartment complex, or even in the individual apartments and cottages.

If your loved one is currently in the hospital and you need quick answers about bed availability, costs, insurance participation and the admission process, please contact our Admissions Counselors at 717-624-5250.

Our therapy team is an integral part of Cross Keys Village, and they will work diligently to see that you achieve the ultimate possible progress. Services are offered 6 days a week and include physical therapy for mobility, balance improvement and fall risk reduction, occupational therapy for daily tasks, muscle strength and joint range of motion, and speech therapy for language ability, communication strategies, and swallowing. These three disciplines utilize various state-of-the-art technologies, including cold laser therapy, ultrasound therapy, e-stim therapy, diathermy, and aquatic therapy. The areas in which we specialize include fall prevention, urinary continence improvement, low vision therapy, lymphedema massage, home modification review, and dementia care. Pre-habilitation can be prescribed prior to a surgery to shorten recovery time. Family participation is encouraged, and a home evaluation is often included as part of the safe discharge process.

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