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A New Facebook Page Dedicated to Memory Support

Monday, January 29, 2018

When Cross Keys Village decided to enhance its expertise in Memory Care, in 2014, a community outreach effort was part of the plan. We named the education portion of the program Inner Light Academy, and designed some of the material for our team… and some of it for outsiders. This was a brand-new initiative for our Director of Memory Support Jennifer Holcomb: as one of the largest retirement communities in Pennsylvania, we were more used to offering services and advice within our walls than to “taking our show on the road.”

The outreach program was received enthusiastically by the community, and Jennifer’s calendar quickly filled up with commitments to share her knowledge with hospital staff, emergency responders, church congregations and many other groups. Some of our events were promoted with mass emails, and participants could RSVP online. This caused us to realize that many caregivers would welcome our information on their computer, available whenever they were able to take a break. We also noticed that much online information about neurocognitive disorders was either too scientific or too shallow, and not always user-friendly for caregivers or older adults living with the disease.

That is why we are starting a new Facebook page today for our Inner Light Academy. We do not claim to offer encyclopedic knowledge, but our goal is to offer information and caregiving tips to a steady little group like our Memory Café, our Sunnyside Up Breakfast Group, and our close circle of memory service providers. Dementia affects everyone, as you commonly hear, and we hope that this resource becomes beneficial to many. The “Message” function is confidential and goes straight to Jennifer’s mailbox. Please take a look, like us, follow us, and most importantly, ask questions.

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