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Bridgewater at Cross Keys Village – Phase IV

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Cross Keys Village is happy to announce a new phase to its Bridgewater expansion. The Garden Homes that were introduced as a new concept in 2015 have been well received and continue to attract keen interest. We recently completed a Market Study confirming that today’s retirees are willing to consider moving to a senior living community… as long as they can do so without compromising the comfort and the breathing space they are accustomed to in their current residence. After considering the data, our board of directors approved the construction, starting this fall, of 18 new Garden Homes expected to be ready for new occupants in 2018.

After Phase III comes Phase IV

The 2018 Garden Homes will all be built on the Samuel Weir floor plan, which has impressed visitors and delighted recent residents with its spacious storage, wide-open kitchen, and large windows. All of the 2018 homes will be built with a sunroom, adding a truly magical space to an already generous design. As in previous phases, we first offered this batch of Garden Homes to individuals who had already joined our wait list. A few of the homes are now being offered to more recent new contacts, and we invite you to ask for information about these outstanding new senior living homes if you may be considering a 2018 move.

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