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10 Years of Butterfly Release

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Cross Keys Village leaders had no way of knowing, back in the spring of 2008, that the Butterfly Release by the pond would become a community tradition as well as a great way to enjoy spring weather with family and friends. Releasing a butterfly (usually in memory of a departed loved one) is a special experience, especially when they take their time to warm up their wings in the sunlight before taking flight, lingering a moment amongst the crowd, and floating into the trees. Over the years, the event has become increasingly family-centered, with activities such as face painting and live entertainment offered prior to the release.

This year marked the 10th annual Butterfly Release honoring those we love and remembering those we have lost while benefiting someone in need through the Good Samaritan Fund. The forecast called for pounding rain, but in the end we were “blessed” with only a bit of drizzle. We are thankful that a good-size, cheerful crowd was present. (Although the monarchs come to us in a state resembling sleep, we could not keep them on hand for a week or more, waiting for a sunnier “rain date.”)

Pastor Linda isn’t afraid of a little sprinkle

Be it sunny or cloudy, the Butterfly Release is one of our Foundation’s significant fundraising events. The need for charity care has never been as acute as it is today. Many of our Health Care residents’ personal resources are limited, and reimbursement from government agencies is not keeping up with the increases in the cost of care. Gifts to The Good Samaritan Fund help to provide a vital link in assuring that all residents receive the quality care they deserve. Gifts of all sizes ensure that the legacy of compassion that Cross Keys Village—The Brethren Home Community has become known for will continue.

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