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Offering Options for Many Budgets

Monday, January 30, 2017

With more than 1,600 “Likes” and a daily post, the Cross Keys Village Facebook page is a great way for friends to keep a finger on the pulse of the community. Our Facebook visitors occasionally ask for a “price range,” which is available for all business pages. However, Facebook limits the options for their “price range” feature to $, $$, and $$$, as if we were a restaurant. So… which is it for Cross Keys Village, $, $$, or $$$? As people say these days, it’s complicated, or – even more confusingly – all of the above!

Undeniably, senior living is not a bargain option. The very fact that paying an entrance fee gives you priority access to some costly health services, if ever needed, means that such a solution is not affordable to all. However, when you compare the many residential options at Cross Keys Village to what is available in other communities, we clearly have models that match a much wider range of budgets.

The kitchen in our most affordable model

We have been building homes during the last few years at the higher end of our range. Those beautiful Bridgewater homes are indeed $$$ for our area (they are closer to $$ compared to villages closer to Philadelphia, around Lancaster or in Maryland, which explains our appeal to people from all over the Mid-Atlantic). Some of our billboards or our web advertising for the Bridgewater homes or the largest Harmony Ridge apartments may have caused you to think that Cross Keys Village is above your means. This is why I am writing this today.

Cross Keys Village’s largest residential inventory consists of our celebrated cottages. We have more than 300 of them, and they come in all sizes. As you can see on the photo of the kitchen above, we renovate them with the keenest attention to detail – especially the smaller models, where every square foot needs to be designed for optimal use. Yet we also strive to keep them affordable to many. Our popular John Kline model, for instance, comes with an entrance fee of $70,000. This is definitely a $ (in most markets, it would be a N/A. Entrance fees under 100K may soon become a thing of the past).

So don’t assume… and don’t be shy. If you are just curious, or interested in our unique program, call us at 717-624-5350. You may very well qualify for the lifestyle you thought was just for more affluent neighbors. We look forward to answering your questions clearly and honestly, regardless of whether your wallet is $, $$, or $$$. Talk to you soon!

Oliver Hazan – Vice President of Sales and Marketing

One response to “Offering Options for Many Budgets”

  1. Donna lloyd says:

    We’ve lived here for 6-1/2 years. We think it’s a great value and great place to live.

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